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This domain name was first registered on 19th May 2007. It is owned by "Tilers Forums" which is an Unregistered Trademark of Untold Developments Limited, which has used the mark on and offline since 30th March 2006.

Tilers Forum is the UK's largest wall and floor tiling forum. With more than 17,000 members and 60,000 threads totalling a pretty impressive 700,000 posts (or contributions) between them, you'll find the answer to any wall and floor tiling question within minutes.

Visit the Tilers Forum here.

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By searching the Tilers Forum you can find various reults on topics such as tiling underfloor heating, both electric underfloor heating and water underfloor heating systems. How to tile with flexible tile adhesive, how to grout with epoxy grout, etc etc - Run the search feature here: Tilers Forums Search

Tilers Forum Members

Have you ever wanted to talk to professional wall and floor tilers who are willing to provide advice on all aspects of wall and floor tiling? Hit the forum, we have thousands of them. Many registered for a number of years.

Adhesive and Tile Manufacturers on the Tilers Forum

If you'd like free advice from tile adhesive and wall and floor tile manufacturers, whether it be how to tile 600x600 porcelain wall tiles to plasterboard, or how to tiler thin porcelain floor tiles to walls, or perhaps you've come here to find out how to mix the tile adhesives and that sort of jazz. Then visit the Tile Adhesive and Grout Forum.

Tilers Forum Talking Tiling Tools

There is no doubt in saying that Dave from TradeTiler.com is the leading professional tiling tools supplier online. Not a single doubt. TradeTiler.com has it all and then some. TradeTiler.com for Tiling Tools.

Porcelain Tiles on the Tilers Forum

You tend to find that a large percentage of wall and floor tiles that are installed these days are Porcelain Wall Tiles or Porcelain Floor Tiles. Most are of "the thin veriety" but not all. Find out how to tile correctly using porcelain tiles which need special adhesives and also special skills when it comes to fixing them, espeically if they're large format tiles. The forum has all the advice you need.

Tiling Courses Forum

Wall and floor tiling courses that are funded (or wall and floor tiling courses that are paid for via tilng training grants) or wall and floor tiling training courses that are paid-for by the end-user; they're all discussed on the forum. We started off many moons ago just providing courses for those who had them funded by various different government run schemes and we ended up once "the tiling course boom" had ended with just colleges and the odd private tiling training centre.

Tiling Jobs Forum

Agencies wont work. If you're looking for a job in wall and floor tiling, then you'll need to make sure you have the right qualifications and advertise in the right places. "Rate a trader" type websites work for some companies but you tend to find that the customers who register on those types of websites are looking for the "tiler" who can do the work for the cheapest price. And you don't want to get into a bidding war over customers work and end up working for nothing and / or cutting corners on the jobs.

The Tile Association

The industry is watched by the eyes of The Tile Association who is ensures that all methods and practises are updated as and when new products enter the tiles and tiling markets. Training is updated and the tiling areas of the British Standards get updated also.

Note about TilersForum.com - TilersForum.com was registered by Lee of ProTilers.com, and is Administered by Dave of David Howe Tiling. The name is causing confusion over who owns the website. We'd like to confirm that it is not Untold Developments Ltd, and is owned by Lee of Pro Tilers, and operated by Dave of David Howe Tiling. Please don't confuse the two. We will be enforcing the protection of our brand name and seeking any damages we're due in due course.